ELO Boosting

admin   September 24, 2016   Comments Off on ELO Boosting

Playing League of Legends is a lot easier with ELO boosting. You can advance through level faster no matter which champion type you choose to play as. There are many different types of champion.

The characteristics of each champion:

  • It is a value that starts full and upon reaching 0 the character dies, having to wait a while to reappear base.
  • Value is spent using the skills of the champion. Some characters instead have power (which increases rapidly, but not bootable), anger (which increases fighting and not bootable), other measures with specific dynamics or no action for skills.
  • Amount of life that retrieves a champion with the passing of time when wounded.
  • Mana regeneration. Amount of mana increases with time up to the maximum. If the champion does not have mana has no mana regeneration.
  • Attack damage. Basic physical attack that causes the enemy champion.
  • Attack speed. Basic attacks per second that can give without breaks.
  • Physical damage to constantly resists the character.
  • Magic Resistance. Magic Damage constantly resists the character.
  • Movement speed. How quickly you move around the map.

The characteristics can be increased with runes and masteries before starting the game. During the game they are modified with own objects, allies and enemies, besides enhancing leveling up.

In each base appear every 30 seconds waves of subjects, non – player characters’ lower attack and life, which move through the lines supporting sieges. In the jungle (sections that are not part or bases or lanes) no neutral creatures that move little or nothing of their position and appear and reappear from time to time, some of which offer bonuses (buffs) temporary or permanent. Each player can kill subjects, turrets and enemy champions and neutral creatures to get gold and experience (farm).