It is Great to Know How to Make your Eyelashes Longer

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Having longer eyelashes brings out the beautiful tones of your face and the color of your eyes, all dangerous and brilliant tools a woman carries naturally. You can easily support the health of your eyelashes so they will become long, lush, and gorgeous without having to use artificial extensions at all anymore. Would this not be an appealing idea? After all, presenting your natural beauty is the most alluring presentation of all, so learn how to make your eyelashes longer by following a few simple tips and tricks used by many with great results.

how to make your eyelashes longer

Aside from keeping your lashes brushed and moisturized regularly with healthy oils to stimulate nutrient penetration and growth, you can also use a lash accelerator. Many lines of mascara actually already have lash accelerators in them. What is a lash accelerator? It is a compound or nutrient which speeds up the growth of the eyelashes. Check out fine mascaras with lash accelerators. It is well worth the extra cost for longer eyelashes.

Use vitamin E supplements. Actually, you should use a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to support hair growth and an antioxidant supplement to support longevity. However, vitamin E, particularly in the natural form of mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, helps to stimulate lush eyelash growth. You can also get a rich vitamin e oil and apply it to your eyelashes along with oil moisture treatments. This will enhance nutrient density and growth even further.

Finally, you know how we sometimes rub our eyes when we are really tired or just waking up? We do that because it stimulates circulation to the eyes, thus promoting alertness. When you do it in a different way and gently massage your eyelids daily, every morning and night, it will help stimulate growth of the eyelashes by improving nutrient flow.